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The beginnings

I’m Old School Like is the brainchild of Roland Williams and began with him posting pictures from old school cartoons. He noticed a lot of people 'liking' his posts and subsequently continued over the next few days.

In that time, he was receiving a lot of messages from people, suggesting he made a group so they could join in. So, on a whim, he created the 'I'moldschoollike' Facebook group, where people in their 30’s and 40’s could reminisce on subjects which were close to their hearts and not always represented in the mainstream.

Since its conception in May 2012, we have established a strong I’m Old School Like (IOSL) community which to date has over 4,500 members. Many of our members have become friends and the community has continued to grow. Roland has maintained the community feel by mentioning group members on their birthdays and other life events. The community feel and banter of our members has allowed us to successfully launch a merchandising range, a radio station (I.O.S.L Radio) and also enter the world of events.

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Our first ever event was the I.O.S.L Movie Night in 2015, which was a bi-monthly event. Where we would meet and watch old school films, such as House Party, Class Act, Breakdance, Lost Boys and others on the silver screen.

In 2015, we teamed up with GEE Magazine to create 'The Big Kids Party'. A strictly old school event, where music of all genres was played up to the year 2000 (now 2005), with the added bonus of tenpin bowling, Nintendo 64, Karaoke and party games such as giant Jenga! (You can listen to a recording of The Big Kids Party, The Big Kids Party Mixtapes and various other bits through our Soundcloud link).

Fast forward and I.O.S.L also started doing their own events, such as our annual birthday party, The I.O.S.L Meet, Greet & Eat (park event) and the I.O.S.L Boat Party, along with more events in the pipeline.

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Products and Services

Our products and services have grown organically and due to the popularity of the I.O.S.L group. We have been selling merchandise in the form of t-shirts, vests and hoodies with our logo printed on the front.

The IOSL Request Show, hosted by our resident DJ and founder Roland Deezel Williams, will soon be back, every Monday on IOSL Radio.

This is an interactive show where the audience interacts on our Facebook group and the radio station chat room. 

The Facebook chat room is the most popular medium and we regularly receive between 500 and 800 comments of banter through each show.

We specialise in old school music from our youth which applies to the bulk of our audience of 30 to 50 year olds. We have regular listeners and the IOSL Request Show is the most popular show on the radio station.

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